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New Safe Rate for Covid19 also!

 Protected vacation before and during your stay! The new rate that protect your reservation before and during your stay is online. By booking your holiday at our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu it is now possible to choose between a rate with flexible cancellations or the new safe rate which includes the insurance not only for [...]

Snorkeling and Diving in North Sardinia | Tavolara

Snorkel or dive to explore the underwater world in the marine protected area of Tavolara. Tavolara is the world’s smalles kingdom (it has been discovered by Giuseppe  Bertoleoni  in the 17th century who proclaimed himself king, his descendants inherit still their titles). The island is rich in flora and fauna and the northern as well [...]

Holidays In Porto San Paolo | Our Proposal

Amazing beaches, the picturesque Tavolara island, culture, leisure and sports activities: we present you Porto San Paolo: a holiday village between seaside charme and countryside beauty. The municipality of Porto San Paolo and Loiri is stretching out from the east of Sardinia to the protected marine park of Tavolara. The area includes the countryside of [...]

The Reception 2.0 Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu

Our new web app concierge is already online and can be downloaded from all guests of our Residence. The app will be updated in 2021 and will contain more infos. You can use the web app wherever you are to get some useful information. Our web app concierge has already been tested in the season [...]

A lot of offers for your holidays 2021 in Sardinia!

Book before March 31, 2021 and you’ll receive a reduction up to 18 % for a stay in our Residence Lu Nibareddu with many services and facilities! Our Residence Lu Nibareddu is situated in Porto Taverna, a village between San Teodoro and Porto San Paolo, known for its white, sandy beach and the stunning view [...]

Recharge electric cars at our Residence Hotel!

New Electric Car Charging Point. An electric car charging point is active at our residecne hotel. In collaboration with EcoEsco company it will be possible to recharge your electric car inside our residence with all its services!

Holidays in San Teodoro – Our proposal

Residence and Hotels by the sea, beaches like in the Caribbean, playing and sports activities for adults and kids, an exciting nightlife. Spend your holidays in San Teodoro in Sardinia ! The small village near the Costa Smeralda has become one of the most popular holiday villages in North Sardinia in the last years. Tourism [...]

Residence for kids in Sardinia: how to choose them?

Comfortable apartments, green spaces, playing areas, no traffic, security and the proximity to the beach, families appreciate these characteristics. Travelling with kids is pretty nice, but to enjoy your holidays to the fullest you have to find the most suitable accommodation. You can relax and have fun if you book a Residence near the beach. An accommodation [...]

Holidays in Sardinia 2019: residence, aparthotel or hotel?

According to the latest trends many travellers choose an accommodation in a Residence or Aparthotel by the sea in Sardinia instead of staying in a Hotel. When it comes to plan the holidays you’re thinking about the holiday destination, dream hotels, sports activities, dinners, parties etc. As soon as you have chosen the holiday destination [...]

When it’s the best time to book the holidays in a residence in Sardinia?

A wide range of different apartments, you pay less, you have more choice and quality: How and when you can book the best holidays in a residence in Sardinia! Now that the holidays are ending many people already think about their next holidays and the’re right! The secret: don’t stop to think about your holidays! [...]