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Holiday in September in Sardinia? Our 5 reasons!

Reasons to spend your holiday in Sardinia in September? Weather, convenient prices, it’s not so crowded, much more sports activities, unique events!

The weather in Sardinia in September? Simply fantastic! Sunny days, warm temperatures during the day, in the evening you just need a thin sweater sometimes! The sea is warm and you can take a bath also in the evening.

Which is the price for a holiday in Sardinia in September? It is cheaper than in July and August! September in Sardinia is so beautiful that the prices should be higher 😊

At which period it is not so crowdy in Sardinia? In September! School starts again, Italians turn to work and it becomes effortless to reach the beaches and the most beautiful spots in Sardinia!

Which sports activties can you practise in September?  When temperatures gradually fall we suggest you to have a nice walk, to go trekking, make excursions etc.

Events in September? In September the event “Cortes Apertas” takes place. During this event local people who live in the villages in the inner of Sardinia open their courtyards and show their hospitality.