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Best Beaches, marine protected areas, mountains, lagoons nature places to visit in the surroundings and in North Sardinia.

Our residence is situated near a lot of best beaches, marine protected areas and other interesting nature places. Come and visit the best beaches of the area (Porto Taverna beach, the famous Cala Brandinchi beach, la Cinta etc), the marine protected areas (Tavolara, Molara, Arcipelago della Maddelena, Gulf of Orosei), the sea caves (grotta del bue marino of Orosei), the nature paths Sassi Piatti of Cala Girgolu, the mountain “Monte Nieddu” and the pink flamingos in the lagoon of San Teodoro.

Marine protected area

Discover the 3 amazing marine parks in North Sardinia: the islands of Tavolara and Molara can be easily reached by boat from our our Residence or from the small harbour of Porto San Paolo. You can take the boat from Palau or Porto Rotondo to visit the beautiful Maddalena Islands and don’t miss the trip to the gulf of Orosei where you can visit the sea cave “grotta del Bue Marino
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Marine protected area Lu Nibareddu

Nature Paths

The granite rock formations of Sassi Piatti are not far from our hotel, the small bays of Cala Girgolu are reachable on foot. The mountain Monte Nieddu is just a few kilometers away. You can explore the mountain on foot or on your mountain bike and admire waterfalls, natural small lakes and woods. The lagoon of the La Cinta beach with its pink flamingos is located near San Teodoro.
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Nature Paths Lu Nibareddu


The white sandy beaches in the area have shallow water and are perfect for everyone.
The nearest beaches are Porto Taverna, Cala Girgolu (Sassi Piatti), Cala Brandinchi (Tahiti), Lu Impostu, Capo Coda Cavallo, La Cinta and Porto Istana.
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Beaches Lu Nibareddu

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