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Archeology, Wine&Food, Events, Local Markets: all sardinian culture to know!

Sardinia with its tradition is the perfect destination for sulture lovers. Sardinia is known for its archeology (nuragic constructions, temples, ), for its wine, food, etc, for its festivals and for its local markets where you can buy sardinian handicrafts.


All our historic monuments in the surroundings: the nuragic constructions, the giant’s graves, the sacred spring (pozzo sacro), the archeological museum in Olbia, the medieval castles of Pedres and Posada.
Discover the archaeological sites in detail

Archeology Lu Nibareddu

Wine & Food

The best wineries which produce the famous Cannonau and Vermentino wine, the cheeseries and agriturismi dipped in the green where you can taste the typical products of the territory.
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Wine & Food Lu Nibareddu

Events & Festivals

The most important events and festivals of the region. Sports, cinema, music, culture, food and wine tasting.
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Events & Festivals Lu Nibareddu

Local Markets

All the local open air markets open during the day or in the evening. You can buy sardinian handicrafts and regional products at the local markets.
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Local Markets Lu Nibareddu

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