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Holidays Sardinia Blog

From Lu Nibareddu to Rio Pitrisconi: An excursion on two wheels !

If you are staying in our village Lu Nibareddu, one of the excursions you absolutely must consider is the one by bicycle to Rio Pitrisconi. A trip that will take you to discover hidden corners and breathtaking views of the island The start of the adventure The trip starts directly at the village bike centre, [...]

A Typical Day at Our Residence!

How to experience a day’s holiday in our resort amidst sea, fitness, swimming pools, sports activities, beach bars and restaurants. Waking up in our residence is unlike anywhere else: it is a wake-up kissed by the sea breeze, immersed in tranquillity and ready to welcome a day full of activities and relaxation. Sunrise with a [...]

History and Legends of Sardinia: What to Know Before a Visit!

What to know before a holiday in Sardinia: history, myths and legends of an island rich in beauty and mystery. Sardinia, with its breathtaking landscapes and emerald coastline, has always attracted visitors from all over the world. But in addition to its natural beauty, the island hides a rich heritage of history and legends that [...]

Outdoor activities for families at Lu Nibareddu!

From swimming pool, cycling, windsurfing school to the most beautiful family-friendly boat trips to be made in the surroundings! Sardinia, with its emerald coastline and hinterland, has always been a great choice for a relaxing yet active holiday. For families who choose to stay at our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu, the experience becomes an adventure, [...]

The event in Sardinia not to be missed: Cortes Apertas!

An immersion in the authentic soul of Sardinia to discover the roots of tradition. Sardinia is much more than its famous coastline with its paradisiacal beaches. The island conceals a beating heart of traditions, culture and history that is showcased every year with the ‘Cortes Apertas’ event. A unique opportunity to get to know and [...]

Revitalise yourself with Yoga Lessons

Lessons open for all in a great location: 50mt high with sea view! If you are looking for a unique holiday experience that combines relaxation, health and spirituality, look no further than our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu! With a deck located in the heart of Porto Taverna Bay 50 metres above sea level and with [...]

New sunset deck with sea view at Lu Nibareddu!

New sunset deck and fitness in general with a wooden platform covered by solar sails and a breathtaking sea view!   After padel, the range of sporting services for active holidays at Residence Hotel Lu NIbareddu expands with a brand new area dedicated to yoga and fitness. The new yoga classes will start in season [...]

What to do on vacation in June? SUP!!!

A marine sport somewhere between surfing and canoeing ideal for sea walks and if there are waves, why not, even a little surf! Stand Up Paddle better known as SUP is the sport that has been going crazy on beaches all over the world since 2004 including Sardinia! Its origins are actually very ancient since [...]

Our BBQ restaurant gets a makeover!

Our BBQ restaurant and pizzeria gets a makeover with a beautiful open space veranda and more! The well known pizzeria and grill restaurant at our Lu Nibareddu residence is getting a makeover for the season 2023! The ‘old’ BBQ makes way for the new BBQ redesigned to offer our guests new and spacious areas, panoramic [...]