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The event in Sardinia not to be missed: Cortes Apertas!

An immersion in the authentic soul of Sardinia to discover the roots of tradition.

Sardinia is much more than its famous coastline with its paradisiacal beaches. The island conceals a beating heart of traditions, culture and history that is showcased every year with the ‘Cortes Apertas’ event. A unique opportunity to get to know and discover inland Sardinia and beyond with its ancient customs and traditions.

What is Cortes Apertas?

‘Cortes Apertas’ literally means ‘Open Courts’. Many villages of the Barbagia such as Bitti, Oliena, Sarule, Nuoro, Orgosolo, Fonni (to name a few) open the doors of their traditional and non-traditional houses, transforming every corner and square into lively exhibitions of handicrafts, food and folklore. Each day of Cortes Apertas is a real itinerant journey through the meanders of the village where it is possible to meet the hosts, learn from them how bread carasau or myrtle is made, discover the history of the costumes preserved in the old wardrobe from the 19th century, and then continue through the streets accompanied by the sounds of an organetto, have lunch with typical local products, and finish with a fine concert of Sardinian music in the square amidst dancing and popular music.

Cortes Apertas 2023: What to Expect?

New towns and new courts: every year new towns and new families decide to open their homes and welcome all visitors, who are more and more every year.

Interactive craft workshops: This year, in addition to seeing craftsmen at work, there will be the opportunity to test one’s skills in interactive workshops.

Gastronomic Tours: In addition to traditional banquets of local food, participants will be able to participate in guided gastronomic tours, exploring the history and culture behind each dish.

Theatre Performances: revisiting ancient folk tales, ceremonies or festivals in theatre form to better communicate the customs and traditions of the local tradition.

Live Performances: music and dance have always been a fundamental part of Cortes Apertas. In 2023, many live performances with both local and international artists, celebrating the fusion of cultures.

Many people visit Sardinia for its beaches, but events like Cortes Apertas offer a deep look into the soul of the island. They give you the chance to connect with history (every house, every street and every square has a story to tell) explore gastronomy (Sardinia has a rich culinary tradition and Cortes Apertas is the perfect time to sample local specialities, from cheeses to desserts and wines) and make unique purchases (local artisans display and sell their work during the event, a chance to take home an authentic piece of Sardinia.

Cortes Apertas is not just an event; it is a journey through time, an immersion in traditions and a celebration of Sardinian identity. The best way to discover the true Sardinian identity and complete your baggage of experiences made not only of sea and beaches but also of history, culture and traditions.

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