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A Typical Day at Our Residence!

How to experience a day’s holiday in our resort amidst sea, fitness, swimming pools, sports activities, beach bars and restaurants.

Waking up in our residence is unlike anywhere else: it is a wake-up kissed by the sea breeze, immersed in tranquillity and ready to welcome a day full of activities and relaxation.

Sunrise with a view and well-being

The day begins on our sea-view deck. As the sun rises, guests can immerse themselves in invigorating yoga or tai chi sessions, listening to the sound of the waves in the distance. For fitness enthusiasts, the surroundings become the perfect gym to start the day with energy.

Breakfast and first swims

After greeting the sun, what could be better than a hearty breakfast at our pool bar? Between fresh fruit, pastries and coffee, we make sure to give you the right energy to face the day. And immediately afterwards? A dip in our 2 swimming pools, with a dedicated children’s area, guarantees fun for everyone.

Everyone to the sea

With our convenient beach parking, getting to the sea has never been easier. And once there, our beach service takes care of everything, from positioning beach umbrellas to sun loungers. The aroma of the seafood restaurant overlooking the sea invites you to a gourmet lunch, and for those who prefer a quick snack, the beach bar is always ready with fresh delicacies.

Activities and adventures

In the late afternoon, a last swim in the pool is a must while the children enjoy themselves in the playground. Or for sports enthusiasts, a game on our padel, tennis and pickelball courts.

Tasty evenings and relaxation Evenings in our village are a riot of flavours. Every evening, our BBQ restaurant is transformed into a temple of grilling, with succulent, fragrant meat. And for pizza lovers, the pizzeria offers a wide choice of pizzas. After dinner, a cocktail at the pool bar or a stroll through the residence are the perfect way to end the day.

Conclusion A day at our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu is a complete experience, a mix of activity, relaxation and gastronomic delights. It is the promise of an unforgettable holiday, where every detail is designed to meet the needs of young and old alike.