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Excursions and trekking in San Teodoro: Monte Nieddu

Monte Nieddu, a nature park with a rich flora & fauna, waterfalls and small natural lakes is only a few minutes drive away from our  holiday village.

Monte Nieddu is one of the most beautiful destinations for kids and adults. The trail for trekking-, mountainbike- and nature lovers, ca. 15 minutes far away from our holiday village Lu Nibareddu starts in the village Budditogliu. Families with kids can reach a part of Monte Nieddu also by car.

From the lookout point Palemonti you’ll have a beatiful view over the protected marine park of Tavolara island. The path to the lookout point leads you through dense Mediterranean macchia, the habitat of wild boars, ravens, peregrine falcons and golden eagles.

Walking on in direction Rio Pitrisconi you will reach the waterfall where you can take a refreshing bath!

An interesting hiking destination is the the coal miners trail.  The coal workers produced charcoal and built a trail which leads from the mountain top to the valley. You can still see the black traces of coal at the resting places.