Snorkeling and Diving in North Sardinia | Tavolara

Snorkel or dive to explore the underwater world in the marine protected area of Tavolara.

Tavolara is the world’s smalles kingdom (it has been discovered by Giuseppe  Bertoleoni  in the 17th century who proclaimed himself king, his descendants inherit still their titles). The island is rich in flora and fauna and the northern as well as the southern part is perfect for diving and snorkeling.  In a depth of 25 meters you can admire a coral habitat with gorgonians, black corals, swarms of dentexes and groupers.

The islands of Molara and Molarotto are next to Tavolara but the fauna is completely different. The sea bottom of the so-called “secca del fico” is covered with sea weeds. It is the habitat of hydrozoans,  nudibranchs, groupers,  breams and lobsters. The seabed from Molara to Molarotto consists of rock formations with sharp peaks and it is the habitat of the noble pen shell (pinna nobilis).

This amazing underwater world has become a marine protected area (AMP) in 1977. The Management of the park has to protect  15.091 hectares of marine habitat and 40 km of coastal area. The park is divided in 3 areas: area A (strictly protected area), area B (protected area),  area C (partially protected area).