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What to do on vacation in June? SUP!!!

A marine sport somewhere between surfing and canoeing ideal for sea walks and if there are waves, why not, even a little surf!

Stand Up Paddle better known as SUP is the sport that has been going crazy on beaches all over the world since 2004 including Sardinia! Its origins are actually very ancient since there is mention of natives on boards with paddles even in the diaries of Captain Cook. Thanks to the ease and maneuverability it has become a sport for everyone big and small, sportsmen and women and not also because when needed it becomes a simple means of navigation

What is SUP?

SUP is a combination of surfing and kayaking that allows you to stand on a surfboard but aided by a paddle for movement. The board has a larger size than normal boards to give stability and ease of use and allow everyone to be able to use it. In fact, SUP is suitable for everyone! From the sporty guy who wants to surf without too much effort to reach the waves to the simple bather who with flat seas wants to take a tour of the coasts and why not, stop for some snorkeling.

Why in June?

Doing SUP on vacation in June is ideal precisely because in the months of low season the temperatures are not too high and allow you to spend more time in the water under the sun. At our Porto Taverna beach, SUP is perfect either for riding the waves when the north wind blows or for exploring the coast and even doing some snorkeling.

Some of the best excursions are from the beach to the Sassi Piatti, a stretch of coastline characterized by coves and granite rocks that are completely smooth from the wind. Or head to the wreck and do some snorkeling to discover the seabed or for the more adventurous go to the island of Tavolara!

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