Holidays in Sardinia 2019: residence, aparthotel or hotel?

According to the latest trends many travellers choose an accommodation in a Residence or Aparthotel by the sea in Sardinia instead of staying in a Hotel.

When it comes to plan the holidays you’re thinking about the holiday destination, dream hotels, sports activities, dinners, parties etc.

As soon as you have chosen the holiday destination and the accommodation, the first doubts come up on whether you made the right decision but that’s gonna go away. They’re saying that the holidays start already when you’re planning them and they’re finishing when you arrive at your destination. Therefore you should choose your holiday destination first and then the accommodation which suits you best.


The accommodation in a hotel seems to be the most comfortable solution also in Sardinia. Most of the travellers book a hotel near the beach or in the countryside or far away from crowded villages in Sardinia. A hotel normally offers a range of services: breakfast and dinner, rooms with a private bathroom or a shared bathroom, pool, animation and organized activities. It may be a perfect solution for many guests but there also disadvantages like the price (you have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurants so you pay more), you stay in a room without kitchenette and the hotel structur “ALL IN ONE” big resorts ore hotels with many floors can be too big and confusing.


The stay in a residence is an alternative solution. A residence in Sardinia is composed of apartements in a holiday village. The apartments are located by the seanear the beach, in the countryside or near sea resorts. They have a kitchenette and it it makes you feel like home. The residence offers services like a reception and a pool and normally the apartments are only bookable with the formula “room only”.


Nowadays the trend in tourism is to book a stay in an Aparthotel. What is an Aparthotel ?

The word Aparthotel is half english APART-ments and HOTEL. The holiday villages in Sardinia are located by the sea or in front of the beach. The Residence has apartments with kitchen, bathroom/WC but clients have the possibility to use the numerous services of a hotel: breakfast, lunch, dinner, pools, apartment cleaning, change of bedlinen and towels, free shuttle service to the beach, free parking lots, beach services, organized sports activities. If you stay in an Aparthotel or in a Residence in Sardinia you pay less because you have the possibility to book “room only” and you can decide on the spot if you would like to use the services. You are free to choose if you would like to cook and have lunch in the apartment or if you prefer to eat at the restaurant, it is more comfortable than a hotel room and a perfect solution for families with kids who want to have a nice place where they can meet new people.