What to see in the North Sardinia 6th part: the Islands of Maddalena

Discovering the Maddalena archipelago among enchanted coves and breathtaking seabeds!

We arrive at the sixth part, and last for now, of our journey through the beauties of Sardinia to visit during the holidays! There are several trips and excursions to do in the north of Sardinia but one of the best is certainly the archipelago of La Maddalena. Seven islands of rare beauty: La Maddalena (main island), Caprera (second largest island for Garibaldi’s last stay), Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Spargi, Razzoli.

La Maddalena is today a town of about 11000 inhabitants that in summer it grows to excess due to the tourist season. It is a lively tourist center that hosts many commercial activities and summer services such as diving, boat trips, dinghy, snorkeling, excursions of various kinds. La Maddalena, however, is also history with the Naval Archaeological Museum which houses a series of Roman artefacts found between the mouths of Bonifacio and the Garibaldino Compendium Museum in Caprera where you can visit the white house of Garibaldi, the hero of the two Italian worlds that here I spend the rest of his life between sea and land. The rest of the Maddalena archipelago are pearls of rare beauty that can be visited only on organized trips with the boats or with boats or dinghies for hire, in our opinion the best way to enjoy the show. The routes offered by the organized tours are different but our favorite is the one in rubber dinghy with or without driver with first stage Cala Coticcio or Tahiti which is located in Caprera and that represents the summary of the Maddalena show. A very small bay with a backdrop whose transparency, even at certain depths, allows you to see the fauna and flora below!

The most famous beaches of the Archipelago

After Tahiti, in the direction of Manto della Madonna, a real atoll where the crystalline sea and the Mediterranean scrubland behind the white beaches make it all magical. Here we also find the beach of Santa Maria where the well-known Italian actor Roberto Benigni lives.

We continue to the island of Budelli with the pink beach today with no access to ensure the life of the beach itself and we end up in Cala Corsara, a succession of coves and coves with emerald seabeds, beaches of fine white sand and granite rocks with shapes stranger (famous the witch, the Italian boot and Sardinia in miniature).