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The event “Autunno in Barbagia” is the perfect occasion to spend your holidays in Sardinia and to discover the places which preserve the Sardinian culture and tradition.

In 1996 The City Council of Oliena organized an event called ‘Cortes apertas’ or ‘Open courts’: The historic homes of the town open their backyards to a gastronomic and artistic journey.

In 2001, some city councils and the Chamber of Commerce decided to start a joint project, which would allow the opportunity for other towns to join the group. –, 30 villages will take turns to open their cortes i.e. the courtyards of the traditional houses. Visitors will be able to gain a first-hand experience of the local country life, discover its scents, savour its tastes, learn about its traditions, handicrafts and art work. They can see how to make cheese in Orgosolo, how to prepare Sardinian cookies in Aritzo, how to build a drum in Gavoi, how to kit in Orani and much more.

cortes apertas sardegna

In November and December 2015 there are cortes apertas in Ovodda, Mamoiada, Nuoro, Tiana, Olzai, Atzara, Ollolai, Teti, Gadoni, Fonni, Orune. There are various initiatives such as: demonstrations of sewing and embroidery , preparation and cooking of bread and sweets , processing tailoring , wood and iron , exhibitions of Sardinian costumes , masks and musical instruments , musical performances of singing tenor , launeddas , dancing , drumming , painting exhibitions , workshops , seminars and excursions .

cortes apertas sardegna

Here is a very significant step in the history of the event posted on the site Autumn in Barbagia “This is how the Autunno in Barbagia name was born, a promotional window to showcase Sardinia hinterland, careful keeper of the knowledge and tastes of undisputed value, aiming to promote the excellent products and tangible and intangible traditions, of the people living there. In this window become an opportunity for experiential buying: seeing how cheese is produced, tasting it and then buying it. It's something everyone really likes “.

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