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Here is the 3rd part of our small guide of the things you should do and see in North Sardinia ! In our last blog we talked about the oasis like the nature park of Usinavà, the lagoon with its pink flamingos and the famous bays like Sassi Piatti and Cala Girgolu. In this blog we’ll write about the history of Sardinia for all culture lovers.
We start with the archeological sites from the Nuragic period near Olbia (20 minutes far from our Residence by the sea of Porto Taverna “Lu Nibareddu”) and Arzachena (40 minutes far from us) and afterwards we’ll talk about the period 450 ac with the Roman culture and its ships and the medieval period with the castle of Pedres in Loiri Porto San Paolo and the Castle Della Fava in Posada.

The archeological site tombe dei giganti “su monte e s’ape” is 20 minutes far from our residence, there is a similar, bigger site in Arzachena. The giant’s grave was built 1700 bc with monoliths. A few sources say that they have a strong level of electromagnetism. The tombe “Coddu Ecchjiu”, the archaelogical  sites Nuraghe Albucciu and the temple of Malchittu in Arzachena and the Nuraghe Cabu Abbas in Olbia are worth visiting. The Nuraghi are located in the whole area of Sardinia and were built because of military and religous reasons. Another interesting site of the nuragic period is the pozzo sacro di Sa Testa in Olbia used for religious and purifying functions.

The archealogical museum of Olbia is 20 minutes far from our Aparthotel. The museum is rich in finds from various periods, among which the Roman and medieval shipwrecks and discoveries of the phoenician, greek, roman and punic period. The museum is built like a ship on 2 levels, in the main hall you can admire original Roman and medieval ship wrecks.

Last but not least we talk about the castles “ castello di Pedres” in Olbia and “castello della Fava” in Posada, 15 minutes far from our hotel. The castle of Pedres has been used by the Visconti and Pisani to protect them against the attacks of the Aragonesi. It is located on a hill with a beatiful view over the gulf of Olbia. The medieval ruins of the castle “castello della Fava” are situated on a hill at the ancient part of Posada. It is pretty well preserved and worth visiting.

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