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Let’s continue with our guide about the things to do and to see in North Sardinia !

In our last blog we wrote about the most beautiful beaches from San Teodoro to Porto San Paolo starting with the magnificent La Cinta beach, the Porto Taverna beach and the marvelous island of Tavolara. The marine protected area of Tavolara stretches out for 40 km and belongs to the most beautiful islands of Italy !

In this blog we’ll talk about enchanting lagoons, bays and nature parks which are only 10 minutes far from our Residence.

Cala Girgolu is a lovely beach next to the beach of Porto Taverna with granite rock formations called Sassi Piatti. From the panorama area of Montepetrosu a dirt road surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation leads you to the beach of Cala Girgolu. In Cala Girgolu you can walk on the famous Sassi Piatti, discover numerous small bays with a beautiful view and swim.

Our trip takes us to the lagoon of San Teodoro with its fascinating fauna. The lagoon is 12 minutes away from our Residence and is located at the beginning of San Teodoro and the La Cinta beach. Numerous waterbirds like pink flamingos, cormorants, herons, coots, kestrels and falcons live there. You can observe them taking a walk or doing a boat trip on the lagoon..

Going ahead we reach the mountain massif Monte Nieddu in the nature park of Usinavà, 30 minutes far from our Residence. You can explore Monte Nieddu by foot, by bike or by Jeep. The mountain is about 1000 meters high, from the peak you have a stunning view over the island of Tavolara. The Mediterranean vegetation is the habitat of wild boars, martens, wildcats, crows, partridges and rare raptors like peregrine falcons and eagles. There are countless small lakes and beautiful waterfalls in the area.

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